SARCS is a non-profit organization administered by a Events & Recreation Coordinator, hired by the Town of Spiritwood, with the guidance of a volunteer board of directors. They employ one, full time Facility Supervisor, as well as numerous part time staff throughout the seasons. Through creating partnerships and positive working relationships, SARCS facilitates the development of sport, culture, and recreation programs and services to residents of Spiritwood and surrounding area. Thus enhances the economic value and quality of life available to the people within the community. Partners to SARCS include but are not limited to user groups, the Town of Spiritwood, the R.M. of Spiritwood, and Northern Lakes Economic Development Corporation. Many of the user groups fall under the design of SARCS but exist as their own entity.

Parks and Recreation have three values that make them essential services to communities: Economic Value, Health and Environmental Benefits, and Social Importance.


Spiritwood Area Recreation, Culture, and Sport Inc. (SARCS) was created by amalgamating Spiritwood Parks & Recreation with the Spiritwood Curling & Bowling Board. This was done with the goal of simplifying the administration and operation of the various Recreation, Culture, and Sport groups that use the facilities available in Spiritwood. SARCS is always looking for new ideas, volunteers, and individuals willing to contribute their time.

Programs & Facilities

Some of the programs and services that are offered include but are not limited to the Summer Rec Program, Events, Fundraisers, and Youth Experience programs. The facilities that SARCS is responsible for overseeing include Spiritwood & District Rec Centre,  Kidzland Playground and SADSAAC Park. Board meetings are held once a month and the annual general meeting takes place in the fall.

Spiritwood & District Rec Centre:
Curling Rink, Bowling Alley, Arena, and two Mezzanines – 305A First Street East

A community playground located along 3rd Street East.

Ball Diamonds – Located off Highway 24.

These facilities are a valuable asset to our community and without them, Spiritwood would not be what we are today!

SARCS and its partners would like to thank all individuals that have and continue to contribute to growth and operations of community recreation. At this time SARCS and partners would like to encourage community members to become involved to ensure the continuation of recreation in our community. If we work alongside one another we can build a healthy, active community through sport, culture and recreation.