Play BEER Survivor:

Teams of 6 people, aged 19 or older, enter Beer Survivor as a group. Each team must choose a fun, unique name and appoint a team captain to submit the entries for the team and collect any winnings. Each person pays $50 for a total of $300 per team. Beer will be purchased by the organizing committee so that there is no need to store hundreds of cases of beer. Individuals may enter with more than one team, increasing their odds of winning. There will be a maximum 100 teams allowed to enter into this draw.

Names will be put into a draw drum as individual entries. Elimination draw will be held June 8th, 2019 starting at 7:30pm the Spiritwood Rec Center. Individual names will be drawn, but as long as one team member is still in the draw, the team is safe from elimination. Once all 6 names have been pulled, the team is eliminated.

The 1st team eliminated (all 6 members) will be awarded 2-12pk of beer, and there will be several teams awarded beer at various stages of elimination during the final draw. The last four teams eliminated will be awarded the majority of the beer. There will be no other prize substitutions or cash alternative offered.

Team Captains must submit all 6 names and the money for their entire team before June 3rd, 2019.

For any questions please call Shelley at 306-883-2176.


Beer Surviver Poster